Dr. rer. nat. Marion Scharping
Biologist (Diploma, Univ.)

Dr. Scharping studied biology at the Technical University
in Braunschweig, Germany. Her main fields of study were molecular genetics, biochemistry/biotechnology and organic chemistry. 
Following her diploma, Dr. Scharping completed her PhD in the area of molecular and cell biology at the Society for Biotechnological Research GBF in Braunschweig, Germany.

Dr. Scharping has been active in the field of intellectual property since 1996. She joined the patent law firm GRAF von STOSCH in 2007.

Dr. Scharping is active in all fields of intellectual property law. 
Her main professional concern is with patent related questions,
in particular in prosecution and opposition related matters,
in the field of life sciences, biochemistry and organic chemistry.

In her spare time, her passion is playing the saxophone.


eMail: marion.scharping@sp-patent.de






Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

European Trade Mark and
Design Attorney