The patent law firm GRAF von STOSCH advises on all areas
of intellectual property protection.

With you as a client we work together on protection strategies to obtain patents, utility models, trademarks and designs. In this regard, the formulation of relevant applications for such rights is the focus.
After filing of the relevant application, we provide support in obtaining
and enforcing the resulting intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, the patent law firm GRAF von STOSCH supports you
to analyse your intellectual property portfolios and in portfolio management. We provide expert opinions to our clients' rights and intellectual property rights of third parties, including questions of validity, assessment of the scope and the risk of infringement.

All this eventually allows our clients to have legal protective rights positioned against competitors so that a successful market entry
is made possible for their products.

We also help investors, for example, in the course of acquisition of businesses or assets or as part of a venture capital financing, to identify the IP-related risks of their investment. In the course of such activities we are developing long-term, strategic measures not only to limit these risks but to ensure an increase in value of the IP portfolio.